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Karim Traboulsi

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Karim Traboulsi
Karim Traboulsi

Karim Traboulsi is a staff writer and translator for The New Arab

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Lebanese army raises Spanish flag on recaptured IS position

20 August, 2017

Lebanese soldiers waging an offensive on IS jihadists near border with Syria pictured raising Spain's flag on a recaptured militant position, in solidarity following an IS-claimed terror attack in Barcelona

Jordan: Israeli embassy killer goes home after 'face-saving' deal

25 July, 2017

An Israeli embassy guard who killed two Jordanians causing a diplomatic crisis with Amman, has returned home without being questioned after an apparent deal reached with authorities in the kingdom.

Qatar downplays Riyadh-agreement leaks, says crisis bears 'no relation'

11 July, 2017

Qatar says it abided by commitments under the 2013/2014 Riyadh agreements that may have been leaked by blockading countries to embarrass Doha, insisting new demands bear no relation to agreements.

Oppa Dahieh Style: Searching for K-Pop in Hizballah land

04 July, 2017

Beirut's southern suburb is the new Gangnam for the South Korean video blogger who calls himself The Daily Oppa.

Cleric condemns Rihanna's new Saudi boyfriend for 'fornication'

29 June, 2017

'Third base is not Zina!' - a Saudi cleric first proclaimed the now-famous photos could have been Photoshopped...

Flying milkman: US airlifts emergency dairy supplies to Qatar

28 June, 2017

Blog: The US Air Force became a milkman on wings this month as a Saudi-led blockade of Qatar caused a shortage of dairy products at an American airbase.

Royale-with-Cheese: Saudi McDonald's pledges allegiance to Mohammed bin Salman

22 June, 2017

Do you know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in Riyadh? It's not Al-Big Mac...

Anti-Qatar blockade: Consequence of Doha's support for Arab Spring?

19 June, 2017

Analysis: What really lies at the heart of Gulf accusations against the Qataris? American academic and Middle East affairs analyst Professor Gary Sick talks to The New Arab.

Moscow claims it may have killed IS leader Baghdadi

16 June, 2017

Moscow says its jets may have killed leader of world's most notorious terror organisation in a May airstrike. If true it would be a major propaganda coup for the Russians.

The Bomb Guys: Saudi sitcom faces axe over 'lewdness'

15 June, 2017

A popular Saudi sitcom that has garnered an audience of millions is now facing the axe over scenes deemed too obscene for the ultaconservative Muslim kingdom.

India defies Gulf blockade with direct Qatar shipping route

15 June, 2017

Ships from India will now arrive directly in Qatar's Hamad Port without having to stop anywhere in the Gulf, offering fresh relief to the small emirate blockaded by its neighbours.

First Gulf Wear: Qatar's footballers protest blockade with T-shirts

14 June, 2017

On Tuesday, Team Qatar players warmed up for a World Cup qualifier against South Korea Tuesday in T-shirts expressing solidarity with their small nation against a Saudi-Emirati led blockade.

Karim Traboulsi
Karim Traboulsi

Karim Traboulsi is a staff writer and translator for The New Arab

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