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Imogen Lambert

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Imogen Lambert
Imogen Lambert

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Assad wants to obliterate Idlib. Can Turkey stop him?

06 November, 2019

Analysis: As battle fronts are redrawn in Syria's north, will Idlib, the country's last remaining rebel stronghold, be spared a major regime onslaught?

Syria regime forces strike medical facilities in Idlib

05 November, 2019

Two medical facilities were attacked in Idlib, while a human rights group says that 37 medical centres in north Syria have been targeted by regime forces since April.

Refugees in Lebanon watch protests with hope and caution

22 October, 2019

Palestinian and Syrian refugees have made gestures of solidarity with the Lebanese protests, while hoping that the country's unity doesn't come at the expense of their livelihood.

Daraa: Life under regime rule in the revolution's birthplace

27 June, 2019

In-depth: As arrests, assassinations and protests continue in Daraa, is the Syrian regime able to reclaim full control of the provinces which were at the heart of the revolution?

Palestine solidarity activists must defend the two-state solution

24 April, 2019

Comment: Advocating a one-state or two-state solution is not solely about the technicalities of the end-game, writes Imogen Lambert.

Gaza paying tragic price for Great Return marches

22 April, 2019

As Gaza's Great return marches continue, Palestinians despair over casualty numbers, with some warning against encouraging further protests.

A hidden theatre reenacts 2018's suffering

05 December, 2018

New 'theatre reportage' brings together participants from around the Arab world and Europe to act scenes from the past year's news from a personal perspective.

Radical tactics help abused migrant workers in Lebanon

31 July, 2018

A new social media group names and shames abusive employers to fight for justice for domestic workers in Lebanon, and to draw attention to the Kafala system.

What Russia has gained from massacring Syrians

07 March, 2018

Comment: By doing nothing to stop Moscow's genocidal approach to the Syrian war, the world has allowed Russia to gain far more than a military base, writes Imogen Lambert.

Brexit demonstrates the perils of ignoring Britain's colonial crimes

10 January, 2018

Comment: The UK must challenge its nostalgia for empire before it can move towards a progressive political future, writes Imogen Lambert.

Gulf diplomatic brouhaha latest step in UAE anti-Qatar campaign

05 June, 2017

Comment: Diplomats in the Gulf have been working for months to undermine Qatar and its independent foreign policy streak, writes Imogen Lambert.

UK law penalises British citizens for marrying non-Brits

23 May, 2017

Comment: UK government plans to further increase the income requirement for UK sponsors hoping to live with a foreign spouse are discriminatory and harmful, writes Imogen Lambert.

Imogen Lambert
Imogen Lambert

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