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Sam Hamad

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Sam Hamad
Sam Hamad

Hamad is an independent Scottish-Egyptian activist and writer.

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Israel's attack on Syria just killed the Obama doctrine

14 February, 2018

Comment: Israel's attack on Syrian regime targets demonstrates what could have been achieved if the US or NATO had imposed a no-fly zone, writes Sam Hamad.

Normalising Assad's chemical weapon savagery

09 February, 2018

Comment: For tyrants around the world, Assad is reasserting their right to power by the most brutal means, writes Sam Hamad.

Syrian rebel support for Turkey's Afrin operation

31 January, 2018

Comment: Why are as many as 20,000 Turkish-trained and armed Syrian rebels currently doing the bidding of Turkey against the PYD in Afrin? asks Sam Hamad.

Sisi: A tyrant plagued by the ghosts of revolution

24 January, 2018

Comment: Kleptocratic patronage, poverty and unemployement. Sisi's rule has merely exacerbated the corrosive problems that led to revolution in 2011, writes Sam Hamad.

We must not allow Trump to normalise fascism

17 January, 2018

Comment: With Trump in the White House, every single fascist force in the world has been emboldened, writes Sam Hamad.

Jerusalem move: Duplicitous Sisi sells out Palestine

09 January, 2018

Comment: Egypt publicly opposed Trump's Jerusalem move, but evidence this is a policy Sisi actually supports comes as little surprise, writes Sam Hamad.

Comrade Corbyn supports Russian imperialism in Syria

15 December, 2017

Comment: Corbyn's criticism of UK support for the Free Syrian Police, coupled with his support for Russian intervention, means he is on the wrong side of history, writes Sam Hamad.

Rattled by Shafiq, Sisi's regime is far from stable

05 December, 2017

Comment: President Sisi's rule may not be on the brink of collapse, but its recent handling of Ahmed Shafiq shows the foundations are cracking, writes Sam Hamad.

Sinai attack shows Sisi has lost control

29 November, 2017

Comment: Sisi's reign of terror against those who seek justice has created an ideal incubator for radical violent ideologies such as that of the Islamic State group, writes Sam Hamad.

Eastern Ghouta: A ghetto of hunger and fear

24 November, 2017

Comment: Despite the brutal reality of life under siege, Abdelmalik remains resolutely opposed to the kind of sectarianism upon which Assad has thrived, writes Sam Hamad.

Syria could have become a graveyard for Hizballah

15 November, 2017

Comment: If Saudi Arabia and its allies had provided the rebels with the necessary resources to fight Assad, Syria could have become a graveyard for Hizballah, writes Sam Hamad.

Syria's war has produced no victory, only victims

02 November, 2017

Comment: Bashar al-Assad may have emerged from Syria's war 'victorious', but the country he controls is not the one it once was, writes Sam Hamad.

Sam Hamad
Sam Hamad

Hamad is an independent Scottish-Egyptian activist and writer.

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