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Sam Hamad

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Sam Hamad
Sam Hamad

Hamad is an independent Scottish-Egyptian activist and writer.

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Is Sadr poised to lift Iraq out of sectarianism?

15 May, 2018

Comment: The Sairoun bloc's victory is proof that a significant popular base exists that is ready to accept radical change, regardless of who offers it, writes Sam Hamad.

Could a defunct Iran deal be good for Syrians?

11 May, 2018

Comment: Syrians might hope Trump's withdrawal from the deal works in their favour, but the international consensus has already sacrificed them on the altar of realpolitik, writes Sam Hamad.

Journalism in Egypt: A stark warning to the world

03 May, 2018

Comment: Freedom of the press is a tool for democracy, but in Sisi's Egypt, and Assad's Syria the press is being manipulated as a tool for tyranny, writes Sam Hamad.

Where will Idlib's civilians go when Assad strikes?

01 May, 2018

Comment: In Idlib, the Assad regime will play on the presence of al-Qaeda-affiliated groups, to justify their use of massive force to target civilians, writes Sam Hamad.

A cabinet of kleptocracy in Sisi's pseudo-parliament

23 April, 2018

Comment: In Egypt's recent election Sisi was simply re-anointed as president without any fuss, but the ghosts of the revolution will persist, writes Sam Hamad.

Trump's Syria 'action' is a triumph for Assad

18 April, 2018

Comment: The coalition's attack on Assad's chemical weapons bases demonstrates they have no intention whatsoever of making a meaningful intervention in Syria, writes Sam Hamad.

The problem is Assad, not his weapons

10 April, 2018

Comment: Assad's genocide, in all its forms, isn't even conceived as being the real problem, writes Sam Hamad.

Toothless UN is enabling Assad's brutality in Syria

22 March, 2018

Comment: Even at the highest levels, the Assad regime is regarded as legitimate, writes Sam Hamad.

The stark reality of Russia's chemical attacks

13 March, 2018

Comment: The attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter should remind Theresa May of the nature of Russia's chemical warfare beyond its borders, writes Sam Hamad.

Obscuring Assad's genocide in Syria

28 February, 2018

Comment: Indulging Russian and Syrian regime lies, quite literally paves the way for the murder of a people, writes Sam Hamad.

Israel's attack on Syria just killed the Obama doctrine

14 February, 2018

Comment: Israel's attack on Syrian regime targets demonstrates what could have been achieved if the US or NATO had imposed a no-fly zone, writes Sam Hamad.

Normalising Assad's chemical weapon savagery

09 February, 2018

Comment: For tyrants around the world, Assad is reasserting their right to power by the most brutal means, writes Sam Hamad.

Sam Hamad
Sam Hamad

Hamad is an independent Scottish-Egyptian activist and writer.

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