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Sam Hamad

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Sam Hamad
Sam Hamad

Hamad is an independent Scottish-Egyptian activist and writer.

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Today, remembering Egypt's revolution is a form of resistance

24 January, 2020

Comment: Almost a decade after the January 25 revolution, the problems that fueled it have been wildly exacerbated under Sisi's tyrannical rule, writes Sam Hamad.

Brexit Britain rolls out the red carpet for Sisi

20 January, 2020

Comment: The most powerful countries in the world, including the UK, have normalised and bolstered Sisi, while turning a blind eye to his unprecedented terror against Egyptians, writes Sam Hamad.

Soleimani assassination spells trouble for Iraqis, Iranians, the region

03 January, 2020

Comment: Many Iraqis now fear it's their country that has the most to lose from being used as a potential battlefield for two foreign powers, writes Sam Hamad.

Khashoggi verdict: This is what Saudi Arabia calls justice

24 December, 2019

Comment: Just as some had hoped, the verdict on Khashoggi's killing will whitewash Saudi crimes, and pave the way for business as usual with the Kingdom, writes Sam Hamad.

Genocide denier Peter Handke's Nobel Prize embodies Europe's Islamophobia

13 December, 2019

Comment: Awarding the Nobel prize for literature to 'genocide denier' Peter Handke reflects the Islamophobia and fascism of our times, from Europe to China, writes Sam Hamad.

Joshua-Ruiz rematch puts Saudi sportswashing back in the ring

05 December, 2019

Comment: Lured by vast sums of money, the boxing elite has opted to bury its head in the sand when it comes to Saudi Arabia's shameful record, writes Sam Hamad.

The election merry-go-round: Labour anti-Semitism and Tory Islamophobia

15 November, 2019

Comment: Countering accusations of Islamophobia with others of anti-Semitism reduces the much-needed politics of anti-racism to the sleazy business of partisan political propaganda, writes Sam Hamad.

Merkel hails democracy, freedom, unless of course, you're Egyptian

11 November, 2019

Comment: Europe has ignored Morsi's murder by an Egyptian regime that they continue to lavish, writes Sam Hamad.

Iraq and Lebanon protests: Iran watches in the wings

07 November, 2019

Comment: Iran is eyeing inter-sect anti-government protests in Iraq and Lebanon with alarm, writes Sam Hamad.

Baghdadi dead, but the turmoil he thrived on continues

28 October, 2019

Comment: US policy in the region has bolstered the forces that allowed IS to rise, while weakening the forces that have fought it, writes Sam Hamad.

US betrayal pushes Syria's Kurds into clutches of regime

17 October, 2019

Comment: The deal the Kurds were forced to cut with the Syrian regime is likely to only have one winner: Assad and his regime, writes Sam Hamad.

Once again, US turns Syria into theatre of betrayal

08 October, 2019

Comment: The US was all that stood between the Kurds and Turkish aggression, now that buffer has gone, writes Sam Hamad.

Sam Hamad
Sam Hamad

Hamad is an independent Scottish-Egyptian activist and writer.

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