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Alawiyah Mukhtar

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Alawiyah Mukhtar
Alawiyah Mukhtar

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Sudan prepares to quash protests against electricity price rise

23 July, 2015

President Omar al-Bashir's administration is set to preventing the country's opposition from holding protests against a planned increase in electricity prices, sources say.

Bashir threatens military action against South Sudan rebels

29 April, 2015

Sudan moves a step closer to intervention in southern neighbour state as Khartoum and Juba trade accusations of support for rebels.

Sudan begins voting in election al-Bashir expected to win

13 April, 2015

Sudanese began voting Monday in an election expected to be won by President Omar al-Bashir, with opposition parties boycotting the poll.

Sudan steps in from cold as Yemen heats up

26 March, 2015

Analysis: After years as an outsider in the Arab world, Sudan hopes its role in Saudi-led alliance in Yemen will bring it back into the fold, says Alawiyah Mukhtar.

Agreement eases tensions over Ethiopian Dam

06 March, 2015

Analysis: Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia have reached agreement regarding the Renaissance Dam that diplomats say is a sign of improving relations.

Sudanese president cuts ties with Islamist allies

28 February, 2015

Analysis: The over-riding ambition of Sudan's regime to stay in power is manifest in its ditching of former allies, as the global tide turns against political and militant Islamist organisations.

Sudan's restive Darfur region 'faces rising threat of extremism'

18 February, 2015

Analysis: Conflict in Libya and insurgencies in nearby countries threaten to further destabilise Sudan's Darfur region, itself scarred by years of civil war.

US puts security first in new relationship with Sudan

13 February, 2015

Analysis: After decades of broken relations, Khartoum realises it holds the cards in fresh talks, says Alawiyah Mukhtah.

Alawiyah Mukhtar
Alawiyah Mukhtar

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