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Oum Kulthoum and her army of archivists

05 February, 2015

Comment: The early music of the great Egyptian singer is not only being kept alive by a dedicated international fanbase. It is being archived and digitized for new generations.

Arab nationalism and autocracy; Heikal's mixed legacy

17 February, 2016

Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, a confidant of Gamal Abdul Nasser and one of Egypt's most prolific journalists, has died in Egypt, leaving behind a controversial legacy.

Lebanon's Fairouz releases song honouring victims of Gaza massacre

21 May, 2018

One of the Arab world's most beloved singers has released a song to express solidarity for the recent victims of Israeli massacres of Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip.

Contrived claims of nationalism in post-Mosul Iraq

21 August, 2017

Comment: Nationalist narratives of post-Mosul Iraq are not crafted with the interests of the poor or destitute in mind, writes Nazli Tarzi.

Lebanese superstar diva Fairouz reimagines 'Imagine'

18 July, 2017

John Lennon’s hit song 'Imagine' has been covered by an iconic Lebanese singer, Fairouz, who uses the track to discuss the region's current affairs.

Hizballah student group 'bans' Fairouz music at Lebanese University

06 December, 2016

A Fairouz song played at the memorial ceremony of a student at the Lebanese University's Hadath campus caused controversy after Hizballah-affiliate students protested on religious grounds.

Oum Kulthoum, the Arab nationalist singer beloved by Israel

05 February, 2015

Comment: Israel has appropriated Oum Kulthoum's music and subverted its Arab nationalist, pro-Palestinian message.

Joseph Samaha's reflections on nationalism, the left and Islam

12 April, 2016

A rare interview has been unearthed from the archives, nine years after the intellectual's death. We bring it to you in full.

Lebanon legend Fairouz releases seminal new album, aged 81

23 September, 2017

Fairouz has released a highly anticipated album aged 81, with her daughter Reema Rahbani working as produced on the record.

The ghost of Palestine past

18 May, 2015

Comment: The pandering of Palestinian politicians to Israel has led to a ghost state with little to no power, says Belal Dabour.

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