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IS 'on the ropes' in northern Syria, says US

13 August, 2016

The Islamic State group could be on the verge of collapsing in northern Syria following an important victory against the militants in Manbij, the US has claimed.

Leaked audio exposes US administration's prevarication, in-fighting on Syria

01 October, 2016

A leaked recording reveals the US Secretary of State's frustration over failed diplomatic efforts to bring an end to Syria's bloodshed.

Syria government 'approves' US-Russia truce deal

10 September, 2016

The Syrian government have approved a deal between the US and Russia to end the fighting in Syria.

Trump accuses media of ignoring terror attacks

07 February, 2017

In a now customary attack on the media, Donald Trump accused the "very dishonest" press of deliberately ignoring terror attacks in an attempt to justify his travel ban.

Leaked IS documents to be used in French trial

25 May, 2016

A document leaked from the Islamic State group will be used by French prosecutors to help identify suspected militants going on trial next week.

US-led coalition in Syria bomb mosque "used by IS"

23 October, 2018

The US-led coalition bombed a mosque "used by IS" killing both militants and civilians including children.

Scores dead in US-led strikes on IS Syria prison

27 June, 2017

US-led coalition airstrikes on a jail run by the Islamic State group in eastern Syria have allegedly killed at least 57 people, a monitor has claimed.

Final assault on IS' Syria stronghold imminent: France

24 March, 2017

The US-led international coalition fighting IS in Syria will begin a final push on the militant group's stronghold of Raqqa in the coming days, Frances' defence minister said on Friday.

Islamic State is collaborating with Assad, leaked documents reveal

02 May, 2016

Leaked documents from the Islamic State, which are being examined by a British news outlet, have revealed that the group is closely collaborating with the Syrian regime, confirming long-held

Leaked documents 'reveal Saudi support for al-Qaeda in Yemen'

11 July, 2017

A leaked Qatari diplomatic communique has revealed that the crown princes of Saudi Arabia and the UAE supported two Yemeni backers of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group.

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