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Somaliland agrees to UAE military base in northern port

13 February, 2017

Somalia's breakaway northern territory of Somaliland has said the United Arab Emirates can establish a military base in its territory.

UAE base in Somaliland soon to launch military operations

30 May, 2017

The foreign minister of Somaliland, who was once vociferous in his opposition to the military base, said it would become operational in the near future.

Somalia urges UN action against UAE 'violations' in Somaliland

28 March, 2018

Somalia has called on the UN to take action over the establishment of a UAE military base in the breakaway region of Somaliland.

Somali military faction raid UAE-backed army camp

23 April, 2018

Somali troops trained by the UAE fled their posts when a rival faction raided their camp to steal weapons.

UAE ends Somalia military training programme amid souring relations

16 April, 2018

The UAE has said it will disband its military training programme in Somalia, just days after Mogadishu said it will be taking over the training of soldiers under the scheme.

Saudi Arabia, UAE to shoot up GCC military spending

07 September, 2018

A spike in military spending by Saudi Arabia and the UAE would result in an expected $100 billion to be spent on defence by the GCC in 2019 alone.

UAE extends compulsory military service to 16 months

08 July, 2018

The UAE's armed forces says it has extended its mandatory military service for some by four months.

Using local instability, UAE sows discord in Somalia

19 March, 2018

Comment: The UAE is taking advantage of regional fragmentation throughout Yemen, Somaliland and Puntland to strike long term commercial deals, writes Rose Worden.

US agrees $2 billion missile sale to UAE

12 May, 2017

Abu Dhabi has had a request to purchase US-made Patriot missiles approved, in the latest sale to the Gulf region which has seen a surge in arms spending.

US approves $467m in military sales to Qatar, UAE

08 March, 2018

A total of $467 million worth of potential foreign military sales to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates was approved by the US State Department, the Pentagon said.

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