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Somalia's al-Shabab says it has 'executed' five suspected spies

10 October, 2018

Al-Qaeda's Somalia affiliate has reportedly 'executed' five men who were accused of spying for foreign intelligence agencies.

US airstrike 'destroys' al-Shabab training camp in Somalia

12 June, 2017

A US military airstrike destroyed an al-Shabab training camp, killing eight suspected militants, officials said.

Defection of fighters highlights tensions within Somalia's al-Shabab

10 December, 2015

The defections of two fighters from Somalia's extremist rebels highlight tensions within al-Shabab over whether it should remain affiliated to al-Qaeda or switch allegiance to IS.

US military airstrike in Somalia kills 4 al-Shabab fighters

03 August, 2018

The US military has carried out an airstrike in Somalia that killed four members of the al-Shabab extremist group.

Somalia's al-Shabab execute six people accused of spying

12 June, 2016

Al-Shabab militants in Somalia have publicly executed six people accused of being spies, including one they claim helped kill their leader in a US drone strike.

Al-Shabab claims responsibility for Mogadishu blast

14 July, 2018

Three al-Shabab militants were shot dead after an attack near Somalia's presidential palace in Mogadishu.

Somalia: Al-Shabab hotel attack kills ten in capital

02 June, 2016

Video: Somalia's Islamic militant rebels, al-Shabab, stormed a hotel in the capital on Wednesday evening, killing at least ten people and taking a number of hostages.

Al-Shabab militants carry out Somali military base massacre

23 July, 2018

Somalia's military has confirmed that reinforcements have been sent to a base that al-Shabab militants claim to have captured.

US air strike targets al-Shabab leaders in Somalia

03 April, 2018

US Africa Command has said that five militants have been killed in an airstrike in central Somalia.

Somali, US commandos storm al-Shabab camp, rescue child soldiers

19 January, 2018

In an overnight raid, Somali and US commandos stormed an extremist camp for al-Shabab militants, killing four of the fighters and rescuing dozens of children conscripted.

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