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Qatar Olympic Committee to back international refugee aid efforts

11 July, 2017

Qatar's Olympic Committee will donate to support international efforts aiming to provide global assistance to the refugee crisis.

Syrian Bedouin fear Jordan refugee camps

16 December, 2014

Refugees say they would rather return to Syria than be forced into one of the government's camps.

UNRWA cuts trigger self-immolation, protests in Lebanon refugee camps

14 January, 2016

Planned cuts by UN refugee agency to its medical services in Lebanon's refugee camps has caused uproar among Palestinians, whose leaders are planning major protests to pressure UNRWA.

Iraqi refugees wait to return in Syrian refugee camps

12 February, 2018

Iraqis, fleeing battles with the Islamic State group, or hoping to reach Turkey, have become trapped in refugee camps in north Syria.

Turkey to set up refugee camps in Idlib province

07 March, 2018

Turkey is building refugee camps that will host 170,000 displaced Syrians opposed to the Assad regime.

Flooding threatens refugee camps in northern Syria

26 December, 2018

As Syria's winter sets in, residents of refugee camps in the country's north fear flooding and severe weather conditions.

The women in the shadows of Europe's refugee camps

23 August, 2016

In-depth: This year will be the first in which women outnumber men arriving in Europe. But the spectre of violence continues to loom as they seek safety, reports Harry Leadbeater.

Egypt's Sisi moves to bolster support for Libyan militia-leader

12 May, 2016

Egypt's President Sisi has begun international political manoeuvres to counter a "miscalculated escalation" against his controversial man in Libya, General Khalifa Haftar, according to an Egyptian

Trump administration defends 'controversial' 45,000 refugee cap

28 September, 2017

The total admitted in the 2017 fiscal year is expected to be around 54,000, according to officials

EU anti-terror police tracking extremists at refugee camps

14 August, 2016

Anti-terror experts from European police agency Europol will travel to Greece to track would-be extremists among the migrants stuck in the country's camps, a Greek police source said Saturday.

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