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Gaddafi's son Seif sentenced to death in Libya

28 July, 2015

Seif al-Islam and Gaddafi era officials were sentenced to death inby a court in Tripoli on Tuesday following a trial described by Amnesty International as 'flawed'.

Three men sentenced to death in Bahrain

26 February, 2015

Three Shia men have been sentenced to death and seven others jailed after being convicted by a court in Bahrain for alleged involvement in the killing of policemen last March.

Two Dutch citizens sentenced to death in Morocco

27 July, 2019

The two Dutch nationals were trying to kill a cafe owner in Marrakech when they accidentally shot and killed a student.

Iraqi kidnappers sentenced to death

10 February, 2016

An Iraqi court has condemned 40 people convicted of kidnapping to death, and a further 60 to life imprisonment, according to Iraqi officials.

Four Saudis sentenced to death in Yemen

10 July, 2017

A court in Sanaa has sentenced to death four Saudis convicted of belonging to al-Qaeda and beheading 14 Yemeni soldiers in a 2014 attack.

'Ghost of Reem Island' sentenced to death in UAE

29 June, 2015

An Emirati woman, dubbed the Ghost of Reem Island, has been sentenced to death after she was convicted of killing a US teacher in a UAE mall.

Four IS-linked militants sentenced to death in Egypt

09 October, 2018

An Egyptian court sentenced militants to death over attacks on security forces.

'Iranian spies' sentenced to death in Kuwait

12 January, 2016

Others received lengthy prison sentences after being convicted of spying for Iran and plotting attacks in the tiny Gulf country.

Army officers sentenced to death 'for plotting Sisi's assassination'

22 December, 2015

A military court in Egypt has sentenced in secret three army officers to death for plotting to assassinate Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, judicial sources tell the New Arab.

Saudi Shia cleric sentenced to death

15 October, 2014

Nimr al-Nimr, a prominent preacher and leader of the 2011 demonstrations in Saudi's eastern al-Qatif province, had been on trial since March 2013.

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