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America, not Pakistan is responsible for failings in Afghanistan

30 August, 2017

Comment: The narrative that Pakistan has hampered American efforts to 'rebuild' Afghanistan is a fallacy that American governments are happy to peddle to avoid criticism, writes Usaid Siddiqui.

Britain sending troops to Somalia, South Sudan

28 September, 2015

Britain will send dozens of troops to Somalia and possibly South Sudan to train soldiers. It hopes to boost security in the region and stem migration, said Downing Street Monday.

Obama: Sending ground troops to fight Assad is 'wrong'

24 April, 2016

The US president told the BBC it would be a mistake to send troops to overthrow Assad, as the Syrian regime resumed bombing civilian rebel-held areas killing scores on Sunday.

US considering sending more troops to Syria

09 November, 2015

More US troops could head to Syria if capable partners on the ground could be found, US Defence Secretary said on Sunday

Pakistan to send thousands of troops to Saudi Arabia

17 February, 2018

Pakistan will deploy soldiers to Saudi Arabia to help train troops in the kingdom, but the decision has led to a backlash back home.

Turkey to deploy troops to Qatar to 'counter threats'

29 April, 2016

Turkey will deploy soldiers to a new military base in Qatar as part of a security agreement to 'help counter threats to both countries'.

US sending more troops to Egypt’s Sinai

14 September, 2015

The United States will send more troops to north Sinai to boost the security of international peacekeepers, as the Egyptian military continues its operations against “terrorists’ in the peninsula.

Saudi ready to send anti-IS troops to Syria

04 February, 2016

Saudi Arabia is ready to send ground troops to fight the Islamic State group in Syria, said army spokesman Brig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri on Thursday.

Turkey says Qatar deployment aims to ensure security

11 June, 2017

Turkey's decision to deploy troops to Qatar aims to ensure Doha's security after Saudi Arabia and its allies imposed a blockade, the foreign minister said on Saturday.

Pakistan not invited to India PM Modi's swearing-in

28 May, 2019

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan won't be in attendance at his Indian counterpart's swearing-in ceremony after he was denied an invitation.

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