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H&M recalls socks with 'Allah' print following backlash

01 February, 2018

H&M finds itself once again in hot water after customers took offence to a pattern on socks that appeared to resemble the word Allah (God) in Arabic.

This is what collapsing systems look like in Yemen

18 July, 2018

Comment: It is the face of a father who has to choose between buying food for his family or buying medicine for his sick wife, writes UNICEF's Henrietta H Fore.

Lindsay Lohan boosts 'trend-setting' London Modest Fashion Week

19 February, 2018

In its second edition, the world's foremost modest fashion event appeals to new audiences beyond modest clothing customers with a message of empowerment and practicality, reports Sophia Akram.

Turkey opens probe of two US attorneys

19 November, 2017

Turkish prosecutors have opened an investigation into two US attorneys who Turkey accuses of being linked to exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen.

In Memoriam: Kamal Salibi, a scholar of Arab history

02 May, 2015

Feature: For Salibi, an Arab historian and nationalist, Arab nationalism was not a political ideology but rather a unifying cultural identity.

Hungary's 'show' trials: Refugees not welcome here

07 November, 2016

Comment: The ongoing trial of migrant 'Ahmed H.' is evidence of xenophobia on an almost industrial scale, practiced by governments across Europe, and beyond, writes Sam Hamad

George Bush didn't vote for Republican Trump

09 November, 2016

Despite being a former Republican president, George W Bush and his wife didn't back the party's presidential candidate Donald Trump, according to his aide.

Mistreatment of refugees has a long history in Europe

21 June, 2017

Society: As World Refugee Day passes yet again with no change in the condition of most refugees, it's time to remind ourselves of the horrors unfolding right on our doorstep.

Jordanian wrestler becomes first Arab woman to join WWE

16 October, 2017

Jordanian TV presenter Shadia Bseiso has become the first Arab woman from the Middle East to sign with World Wrestling Entertainment.

AFCON 2017: Senegal victorious over helpless Tunisia

15 January, 2017

Despite strong attempts to rescue an early 2-0 Senegal lead, Tunisia failed to perform in front of goal and ended their AFCON campaign opener in disappointing defeat.

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